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Sarah June, 1012
I first heard of Ferencik Films when Stacy called me a few weeks before my wedding to ell me someone had hired her to film our big day. I realize now what an amazing gift that was. Stacy was wonderful to work with. It was like I had known her for a long time. The highlight video we received was absolutly beautiful! I cried the whole way through. She really captured the emotion of the day. I really liked that she just faded into the background. She wasn't in people's faces asking them to talk to the camera or anything, just quietly watching from the wings. She even appeared out of no where to help me with my plate at the buffet so that I didn't get anything on my dress. She was a total professional and I would whole heartedly recommend her to any future bride. Happy planning! 
Stacy did our wedding in 2005! The video and the pictures are the only thing you have after your wedding day! And Stacy caught it all and more on video! She is truly amazing! She has a passion and eye for capturing your special day! She is professional, fun and great to work with! Have the time you don't even know she is their! SHE DOESNT MISS A BEAT! We actually said when “did that happen”  to things on our video because we had no idea! She knows how to bring you to tears with the great moments of your day and cherish it over and over again!! We love our video and watch it to this day :) Can’t wait to show our kids when they are older!!! Thanks Stacy!
-Brittany   July 2005

I have only wonderful things to say about Stacy and her business. Stacy has done my wedding and my younger brother's wedding (both in 2011), and my older brother's wedding (in 2006). When planning my wedding I knew there was no way I could go without having her be a part of our day. Stacy was so easy to work with and really made sure that we were happy with things every step of the way. As another person wrote in a previous review, it's as if I had known her forever. Having just celebrated our first anniversary, my husband and I were able to sit down and relive such a wonderful day. There were so many moments that day that both of us had missed, as we were busy being the bride and groom! Watching our video had us laughing hysterically at some of the moments throughout the day and on the dance floor! These were moments we would have never known happened, and thanks to Stacy, we were able to experience them just as our closest family and friends did. Stacy interviewed our bridal party as my husband and I took pictures. This is one of our favorite parts of the video! Individually or as couples, they shared their favorite memories, funny stories, and thoughts on us. It was so nice to hear what they all had to share with us. When all is said and done, having Stacy be a part of your wedding day is a definite must have! She is so creative and is incredible at what she does. Years from now, we will be able to watch our video and experience the happiness and laughter over and over...all thanks to Stacy! 
-Valerie,   October 2011